Are You Doing It Disaster Recovery Planning?

If you own or manage a business that uses computers to create and or store vital data then you most likely are vulnerable to a IT disaster. Think it can’t happen to you and that things like this only happen to business that are heavily involved or reliant on computer data.

Do You Need IT Disaster Recovery Planning?

Just imagine for a second where your business would be if only your accounts receivable files were deleted? How on earth would you be able to bill the customers that owe you money if you lost all of their names and the amounts that they owed?

IT Disaster recovery Planning To Prevent Bankruptcy

The fact is that IT disasters do get worst then that and businesses have had to file for bankruptcy as a result of them. As a matter of fact did you know that over one-hundred and fifty businesses were completely ruined as a direct result of the 9/11 tragedy.

On Site IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Most likely all of them had some type of on-site data backup systems and felt that they were completely adequate. Well guess what? They found out the hard way that what they thought was a completely secure IT disaster recovery plan, wasn’t after all.

New IT Disaster Recovery Planning Software

What they should have been using was what is called business disaster recovery planning software. Not only is it inexpensive but it is also completely effective in IT disaster recovery planning. So how does it function and what makes it the perfect solution for IT disaster recovery planning?

Completely Secure IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Business disaster recovery software functions by making exact and identical copies of virtually all data files that are generated or created by a business throughout each work day. As these files are being duplicated, they are also instantly transferred to a secure off-site location for storage in the event of a disaster.

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