If A Disaster Strikes, Is Your Business Well-prepared?

When every business ranging from small to large organization runs on mission critical IT services, the data center services providers do their best to prevent, alleviate, respond and recover technology infrastructure from human induced and natural disasters. A subset and an integral part of business continuity, disaster recovery aims to create resilient business in the process.

A data center has to face challenges like power shortages, floods and sudden shut offs, pilferage, cooling etc. Data centers need to prepare beforehand to encompass the areas of emergency and plan the response and recovery accordingly. A disaster recovery plan can never be accurately prepared or predicted to bounce back from a disaster 100 percent fool- proof. So, a recovery plan should be flexible enough to cope up with the predicament of a disaster to minimize the losses.

While some of the data center services providers aim to provide a complete and perfect resolution to the disaster, most of them fail. Here are four cases which ponder over the reasons of the failure of adopting a fool-proof business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

1)Stale Methodology: Most of the data centers fail to understand and determine between the most critical elements of a business’s IT infrastructure. The business continuity plan of the data centers never seems to resonate with the business they work for and the objectives they store their data or computing resources. Sometimes, it happens that a company develops and with the time the focus on products, infrastructure grows as well. But the data center service provider is not updated on the front of the development and hence, cannot come up with a streamlined approach to handle the disaster well.
2)Wrong Evaluations of Resources: Most of the data centers keep stressing on capability, value and efficiency of their disaster recovery plan but forget that nowadays mission critical services demand a new angle of business continuity. Rather then focusing on the all components, they should be actionable and clear towards aligning key products and services of business. They should show preparedness towards restoring the business with key services in real time. A proper risk assessment and understanding of the needs and priorities of a business is must before drafting a precise and near-accurate business recovery plan.
3)Misdirection of the Program: Even if the providers understand the risks and come up with a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts, they are unable to come with a strategic recommendations and actions. The program objectives should be changed on timely basis and tested to check interdependencies of computing resources and their impact on business operations.
4)Impractical Approach towards Business Continuity: While drafting any business continuity plan, double check it for practicality. Make sure that it could be implemented in real time. Keeping a ring side view of time and resources needed to be saved is critical. All the functions related to the creation /analysis of business continuity plan should resonate in call to action.

It is a well-known fact that a well planned disaster recovery strategy by a data center can reduce the operational, financial and regulatory aftermath significantly. However, to roll out an effective disaster recovery plan, review of the existing plans, evaluation of the unforeseen events and active participation in recovery objectives is imperative.

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Are You Doing It Disaster Recovery Planning?

If you own or manage a business that uses computers to create and or store vital data then you most likely are vulnerable to a IT disaster. Think it can’t happen to you and that things like this only happen to business that are heavily involved or reliant on computer data.

Do You Need IT Disaster Recovery Planning?

Just imagine for a second where your business would be if only your accounts receivable files were deleted? How on earth would you be able to bill the customers that owe you money if you lost all of their names and the amounts that they owed?

IT Disaster recovery Planning To Prevent Bankruptcy

The fact is that IT disasters do get worst then that and businesses have had to file for bankruptcy as a result of them. As a matter of fact did you know that over one-hundred and fifty businesses were completely ruined as a direct result of the 9/11 tragedy.

On Site IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Most likely all of them had some type of on-site data backup systems and felt that they were completely adequate. Well guess what? They found out the hard way that what they thought was a completely secure IT disaster recovery plan, wasn’t after all.

New IT Disaster Recovery Planning Software

What they should have been using was what is called business disaster recovery planning software. Not only is it inexpensive but it is also completely effective in IT disaster recovery planning. So how does it function and what makes it the perfect solution for IT disaster recovery planning?

Completely Secure IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Business disaster recovery software functions by making exact and identical copies of virtually all data files that are generated or created by a business throughout each work day. As these files are being duplicated, they are also instantly transferred to a secure off-site location for storage in the event of a disaster.

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Management Consulting Firm – Enterprise Risk Management

Management Consulting Firms
Management consulting firm is an organization that helps businesses or companies to improve their performance by analyzing their existing problems and developing plans for the improvement. The very first management consulting firm was established in year 1909 by Arthur. D. Little, a MIT professor. Since then a number of management consultancies have been formed especially after period of Second World War when various tools and approaches defining the field of strategic management were discovered thus setting the base for many consulting firms to thereby follow.

Management consulting firm offers services for enterprise risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery management, service management, call centre management, help desk management, customer support services, information security services and business continuity and risk management course, certified help desk manager course, business continuity and service level agreements course by Kingswell International, UK.

The management consultants are often approached by the organizations for external advice regarding the business problems or to get access to the specialized expertise of the firm to solve those problems. These consultancies can provide services like enterprise risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery management, service management, call centre management, help desk management, customer support services and information security services for better management of the businesses. Most of these firms also offer coaching and training courses like business continuity and risk management course, certified help desk manager course, course on IT contracts and IT service level agreements, business continuity and service level agreements courses etc to train individuals for business management.
Enterprise Risk Management
No business is done without risks. The risks in any business when managed efficiently can drive in growth and opportunity. Enterprise risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing, responding, and monitoring the risks and opportunities within the internal and external environment of the enterprise. It is an approach of planning, organizing and controlling the activities of an organization in order to minimize the effects of risk on its capital and earnings. It includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and to grab opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. There may be situations where businesses have to encounter problems like distressed financial markets; mergers, acquisitions and restructurings; disruptive technology change; geopolitical instabilities. With an efficient risk management strategy such uncertainties or problems can be tackled efficiently so that business can run smoothly without any disruption. An effective ERM strategy can improve the business performance, create competitive advantage and optimize the risk management cost. There are many management consulting firms who offer ERM services to the clients for efficient risk management. They help organizations to align their strategies, processes, resources, technology and knowledge so that the company is well equipped to handle risk. They guide businesses for strategic risk-taking and effective organization building.

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